Where Does Lament Fit into Jubilee?

“Lament is demanded by a Christian worldview.”  Heard this in a sermon recently (David Hanke, I believe), and it got me thinking about tears and sorrow.  And how uncomfortable we all are with them.  When we ask God to break our hearts with the things that break His, He will.  And then we’ll be sitting here, in the midst of a feel-good planet, with broken hearts. And someone will say, “What’s wrong?”  And the answer might be, “Everything.  And we’re living in the ‘not yet’ of pre-redemption.  Yet we have hope.”  And most likely whoever asked will move on to someone else who will say “Fine,” when asked “How are you?”  It’s simpler.  

But as the Switchfoot song goes, I want “more than fine, more than bent on getting by, more than fine, more than just ok.” 

Ah, Jubilee… wondering what the truth is, what I should lay down, what should lie fallow, whom I owe and how to make restitution.   And what the role of lament is.


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