Jubilee Stress

I’m so dead set on being intentional about Jubilee, that I’m mad at myself for missing one of the disciplines that I’m undertaking to orient me towards Jubilee awareness.  And that ain’t sabbath, is it?

So I’m aware that part of what I have to rest from is striving, intent, straining to be relevant and productive and growing.

A few structures to keep me oriented towards Jubilee in 2009:

  • Noting health habits on a calendar page
  • Deliberately thanking someone each day (beyond “Thanks for my latte, Starbucks girl.”)
  • Praying “I trust you, Jesus” at regular junctures
  • Tackling reading and research on some topics about which I’m clueless
  • Praying boldly and with expectation
  • Believing 2 Corinthians 5:17 in specificity — “the old has gone; the new has come”
  • Being open to relationships in new ways and not holding onto the boxes I put people in that dictate that my schedule and productivity are preserved (to what end?)

Bottom line: I’m in danger of replacing the striving of the harvesting periods with the harvesting of the rules of the fallow period.  Same old hoeing, different row.  

Jubilee, sabbath, peace out for me.


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