All God’s children have got routines.  And we just drag our little feet through the ruts year in and year out.  Until we’ve got dirt in our toenails.

And part of Jubilee for me is asking “Really?” about everything.  If I am to rest from things I’ve done before, I have to know what I’ve been doing.  

Some things I’m going to reexamine:

  • How I spend my time
  • Who I spend my time with
  • Habits of consumption (stores I choose, use of resources at home, where my food comes from, what businesses I support do with my money)
  • What I pray about and for
  • What I actually expect of God (what level of trust)
  • What I’m willing to do to be the answer to the prayers I pray (whoa! dangerous)
  • What roles do I play in the world and did I choose them?
  • What does Scripture ask of us?  What’s, instead, a cultural mandate?
  • What does my rest look like?
  • Whom do I owe?
  • Whom can I forgive?
  • Do I know the difference between “who” and “whom?”
  • Who might journey with me?
  • How would my church live with a jubilee mindset?
  • What can I do beyond year 49?
  • What am I grateful for and to whom?

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