Rich People’s Problems

A really busy time at my house.  Lots of people.  Much excitement (a recently engaged daughter, another visiting between semesters abroad).  Some days there’s more chaos than I enjoy.  

There’s a lot to decide in a suburban life:  which cleaning service to employ, what day they should come, which vegetables to have the green grocer deliver and what luscious soups we should make with each week’s haul, whether to try a new wine or to sample my husband’s home brew, where to have the wedding reception, how to organize the summer to fit in everyone’s proposed travel.  I chose hyperbolic examples… but not ultra-hyperbolic.

These are rich people’s problems.   And I am soooooo embarrassed to type them out.  I need to revisit this post when I feel stress over any of the decisions or opportunities at hand.  For perspective.

All of this should be a great big, fat “whatever,” but instead I waste energy and anxiety on sorting it all out.

AND I am able to escape the “chaos” (happy chaos at that) in my house by spending more money.  When my house had a few more inaugural house guests than I might have chosen, I simply ate my own meals in restaurants for a few days to escape the madness.  When I heard that friends of a friend needed winter coats, I was able to quickly decide that I could meet the financial need.  Great… on one hand… done deal… but my point is that those of us with enough money don’t have to think very hard or sacrifice very much or flex very often… because we buy our way out of the anxiety in a casual, “time is money” way.

I’d rather hit the delete key on this whole confession… because it’s an awkward subject, and there’s no way I can sound like anything but a spoiled little Richie Rich.  

But I want to think about this… and what it would look like to sit with unpleasant or tough situations for a while and not jump out of them with a parachute made of Ben Franklins stitched together.

And whether, having done so, there would be a redemptive purpose in it beyond a bout of self-congratulations.  



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