“What about Me?” vs. “Enough about Me!”

Part of the jubilee year is thinking about my sabbath practices.  That’s the self-indulgent part of the jubilee year.  The part where I wonder “When do I get to rest?” as opposed to wondering some more “Why do I have so much when others have so little, and what will I do about it?”

That brings up a tension that I’m feeling in this jubilee orientation attempt  — balancing the personal with the profound, the local with the universal, the internal with the external, the “what about me?” with the “enough about me.”  

Tension.  Dichotomy.  Questions.  Good for the soul… ultimately.


2 responses to ““What about Me?” vs. “Enough about Me!”

  1. Looking forward to continuing to listen and hopefully join in the conversation with you! This is a topic that has recently been brought to light for me and put on my heart.

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