“Give It a Rest!”

I was thinking about what sorts of things others might say to me in the context of “give it a rest.”  As in “let it lie fallow,” or “don’t work it so hard.”  

What would happen if I really could eschew the following:

  • filling silences in conversation
  • self-justification
  • waste
  • feeling that life is a talent show and I’m the judge
  • worry about tomorrow, today or yesterday even
  • defining myself by my worst moments and by others’ worst opinions (Philippians 4:19 refers to it as “glorying in my shame”)
  • eating when I’m not hungry
  • having to finish books I’m not enjoying
  • going out to eat when my house is full of food
  • driving the short distances I could easily walk
  • living in bondage to “should” messages
  • doing what has “always been done”
  • needing to fix everything and everyone
  • putting stock in little boxes
  • being blind to my… well, blind spots
  • figuring the problem is with the other person

Ah… blessed rest.  Help me, Holy Spirit.


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