The Foolishness of the Gospel

Let’s admit that if we take our faith seriously, people think it’s bizarre.

Nobody minds a little bit of benign, appropriate, watered-down, non-offensive religion.  But people who “take this stuff seriously” are wacky.

To me this jubilee project elicits such responses… or more accurately blank stares.  Why would any normal person mess with her life and make it more restrictive or more complicated?  Why would anyone seek to give away, to lighten the load, when there is so much to buy and so many reasons to buy it?

Generally I guess people are really bemused by those who “take this stuff seriously” because so often Christianity is a culture to belong to, not an orientation towards a God we love and obey.  I spent a lot of time in that culture, and there were some wonderful things… but I’m not surprised that some of my own children said “No, thanks” to something that seemed powerless and bland and not much of a grand adventure in following God.  

I’m drawn (as are my children actually) to people for wh0m the gospel matters, who are compelled by the love of God to DO SOMETHING.

I enjoyed this article about a Christian who decided to live out as he believed Jesus would, for a year:

What part would you find hardest if you were to follow Jesus’ teachings more seriously?  And what would freak out your loved ones?


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