Food Waste Challenge

UGH… I hate to do this.  To put it out there in public, or cyberspace, that “I have a food waste problem.” But it’s true.  And for me, growth and mindfulness often are limited until I speak the truth out loud.  So I am.

  • I go to restaurants when I have a lot of food in my house.
  • I buy food without realizing I already have the same (perishable) item.
  • I spend money too freely when I’m under stress or life is very busy.  I often grab takeout instead of making cheese toast and eating an apple.
  • I eat more than I need to under all circumstances.
  • I often shop at stores with ridiculous prices.
  • I throw away perfectly good food (apparently 40-50% of food purchased in America gets wasted!!!)
  • I always make too much food for parties (and then send it home with my friends).  That’s not all bad…but it may not be the best use of money.
  • I spend a huge proportion of my budget on restaurant meals.  If I get really brave I want to post that number here.

I want to analyze a few things:

  • The benefits of eating out (time with friends, trying new things, supporting local businesses) vs. the benefits of eating in (cost, use of money, hospitality, modeling for my kids)
  • What gets wasted and why
  • Where I shop and whether the premium services are worth the extra money
  • Whether to compost again
  • What else I could do under stress besides use money to solve the problem
  • Eating lower on the food chain
  • Eating more responsibly in every way
  • What cost there is for my overeating and whether I want to CHOOSE to pay it

I came across a blog that is promoting a Food Waste Reduction Challenge.  Check it out, and join as I have:


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