What Have I Got Really?

I often think of riches or possessions as my currency.  But it’s only one of them, and probably one of the least significant.  

If I think of what I have and how it can be used beyond my selfish needs, one thing stands out — connections.  We all have ’em.  Especially if we’re extroverted. Especially if we’ve moved.  Especially if we’ve breathed.

I’m thinking about an orphanage I care about in Namibia. I actually got the rare opportunity to host an orphan whom I’ve supported financially, when medical issues brought her to the U.S.  We spent a day together eating ice cream and paddle-boating.  She was a blast, and an inspiring blast.  And it was a rare privilege to have a flesh-and-blood encounter with someone who — before that — as an abstract “need” from another world.  

Yet the orphanage is now in need of a major financial overhaul and cash influx.  Now.  Before kids don’t have food and resources.  

And one thing I have is connections.  And as I pray about how to get involved, I feel stingy even taking the time to consider it.  Cause my connections are going wasted if I don’t get the networking going and point out the need.  Cause I know lots of people, as we all do — and they are generous people, quick-to-act people, people who would hate not knowing that they could have helped.

Redistribution… did you ever think of it as it relates to passing on your impulses or the opportunities to help that you hear about?


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