I’m burned out.  And it’s taking a toll on deep thinking, on challenging myself or asking God to convict me (a very unnecessary prayer) or thinking in jubilee terms.

It’s causing me to drop some favorite activities and put some things on hold.  And feel guilty.

Cause this was going to be the year during which I “paid attention,” “lived intentionally,” “got moving,” “did things differently.”

And instead I’m reactive vs. proactive, experiencing compassion fatigue, general fatigue, fatigue fatigue.  

Real life intervenes in the midst of the loftiest plans.  So the new challenge becomes how to live with the reality of incremental changes, gray vs. black and white, “good enough,” and “I wonder.” 

When I’d like to whip my life around and live better, more sacrificially, more deliberately, more simply, more for others.

This too shall pass, and I’ll keep asking the jubilee questions, but for now I’m not finding it easy to remember what they were.

technology, food, drink, sloth, self-protection, putting peoplein to boxes, obligatoryactivities


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