Children are the Exception

The Economist had an interesting section in its April 4th to 10th, 2009 issue on “the rise and fall of the wealthy.”  In one of the articles, “Bling on a budget, Designer belts are being tightened,” I was interested in this:  “…the wealthy are spending 30% less than before, the sole exception being items for their children.” 

This bears out in my life.  It’s the last thing to go.  Or theoretically it is because I’ve never gotten to that point.  I always “make it work” for my kids.

Which doesn’t necessarily (or likely) “work” for them long-term.

I wrote about this in a post on vomitoriums:

And I’m more convicted than ever.  And practically paralyzed in moving into new patterns.  Is it “fear of man?”  Is it apathy, avoidance of conflict, control? 



2 responses to “Children are the Exception

  1. Amanda Davenport

    i’m sure that stuff for kids is that last to go- and i’d hope that it would be education. this article about rich new york parents being “forced” to put their kids in public schools is really interesting – and strangely connected to your post 🙂

    check me out at

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