“The Great Disruption”

Tom Friedman, writing in The New York Times on March 7, 2009, quotes Paul Gilding, “the Australian environmental business expert” in talking about the kairos moment we are in as a society — where life as we know it has changed, wherein we have been disrupted, and where life must change must happen and life and lives must change to adapt and continue.  Friedman, quoting Gilding, says, “He has a name for this moment — when both Mother Nature and Father Greed have hit the wall at once — ‘The Great Disruption.’”

Read Friedman’s (typically) insightful article, The Inflection is Near?, and ask, as I am (and as Gilding does in the last paragraph): “When we look back, 2008 will be a momentous year in human history. Our children and grandchildren will ask us, ‘What was it like? What were you doing when it started to fall apart? What did you think? What did you do?’  Often in the middle of something momentous, we can’t see its significance. But for me there is no doubt: 2008 will be the marker — the year when ‘The Great Disruption’ began.”

Read the whole article here: 


Truly, how will we respond?  What will we look back at and say, “What was I thinking?” or “Why didn’t I do more?”  or “Was I asleep at the wheel?

There’s a lot to pay attention to.  Often I don’t.


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