“We’ve Got the Power, We’re Hot, We Can’t Be Stopped”

That was a cheer I did in high school, when I was the school mascot.  I didn’t really know the rules of football, so this was a good all-purpose cheer that didn’t belie the fact that I couldn’t tell offense from defense.  And it was before “hot” had sexual connotations.  It was supposed to put our opponents on notice!

It comes to mind today because it’s the opposite of reality.  I can’t do ANYTHING in my own power.  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” the apostle Paul says.  All or nothing.  Him and power or me and no power.  That’s it.

Vine… branches… abiding.  Jesus-followers know this intellectually if not experientially.  I know it both ways because I’ve spent the last few months severely detached (is that like being severely pregnant?).  Detached is detached, right?  And I’ve been detached from the power source, waddling around in the muck and mire of my own intentions and plans.

And my plans and inspirations, apart from the Holy Spirit, really don’t include or involve much jubilee thinking.  Redistribution, rest, debts forgiven… these have fallen by the wayside.

I’m feeling a bit of reconnection creeping in, a Holy Spirit longing is bubbling, a return to where I wanted to be this year is on the horizon.  But without that, sister, we are just impotent mini-me’s.  No power, no heat, no effectiveness.  Just empty cheerleaders that stir up nobody.


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