“Holy Crap, It’s Us”

I think it was Becky Garrison who said this, in the documentary Ordinary Radicals.  It’s been a while since I watched it and although I haven’t forgotten the point of it, I can’t quote her exactly or explain the context perfectly.  But the bottom line is that when we are praying for God’s will to be done on earth. we should be assuming we’ll be part of the answer for how it’s done.

When we are looking at global or local disasters or heartaches and thinking “someone should do something,” and we wonder who will, we always have to come back to “Holy Crap; It’s Us.”

“Us” who are responsible.  “Us” who have the ability to do it (or to do something).

How do we use the power we have?  And even if we think we’re not powerful, one mighty weapon the average American does wield is influence.  Or access.  Or both.

Reading newspaper stories this week about families in DC who are losing shelter housing in the wake of budget cuts and wondering, frankly, why it’s okay for me to have a house and not invite families in.  But … well, honestly… not exactly wanting to invite strangers in.  Feeling grateful for order and calm and quiet and control in the wake of all of my children leaving home.  Yet I should be implicated somehow, shouldn’t I, by virtue of taking the gospel seriously?

And yet what should I do?  What access or influence do I have?  What programs could I support financially?  What one person could I help?

The fact of a problem being bigger than I know how to solve doesn’t mean I can’t (or shouldn’t) do SOMETHING.

Holy Crap… It’s Me!


2 responses to ““Holy Crap, It’s Us”

  1. Yes, I am the one who said that. 🙂

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