Gospel Girls

So I got to thinking about Gossip Girls and its popularity.  And how great it’d be if there could be a show about girls/women who took the gospel seriously AND WERE INTERESTING.  Imagine people tuning in to follow their non-lurid exploits… and staying tuned.  That would be some writing.

People who attempt to follow Jesus are considered dull.  Because Jesus is considered dull.  Because Jesus is not considered. Cause if he were, no one would find him dull.  He was enigmatic, playful, shocking even.

Reading The Last Temptation of Christ, I’m struck by this line: “None but honest women know how bitter and slippery honor is….”  This related to the reaction of the women of Jesus’ day, fictitiously imagined, to Magdalene, the prostitute in the story.  And Jesus’ mother, Mary, went on to say about her son, “Yes, he escaped the woman… but what about God….”

Those who are held in God’s sway, “gospel girls” if you will, are wild creatures.  Unpredictable.  Not stuck.  Free to do radical things.  Free not to do radical things.

It could make good television.  But it probably won’t.


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