Awash in Privilege

Yesterday I suffered an unthinkable indignity… cold water at the shampoo bowl in a hair salon.

“WHAT?!?  This can’t be,” I thought.  “It’s not okay.  I’m paying good money for this service, and I was looking forward to my head and neck massage, and it’s not the same without hot water.  In fact I’d rather not have had my hair washed at all.”

Yes, it’s true.  My $75 haircut did not include a shampoo session with hot water adjusted and tweaked to my exact specifications.  But it did include a consolation prize — a very expensive bottle of shampoo for free to make up for the horror of not having a perfect, relaxing experience.

And I’m hear to report that it took me a good couple of hours after leaving the salon to even realize how much entitlement I have.  To even think about brothers and sisters in Haiti.  To remember that 1 in 8 people in the world do not have clean drinking water.

I’m used to the world I inhabit… where nothing dire happens (yet) if I run the shower a little while as I get ready to get in, where I expect hot, hot water for my pedicures and shampoos, where I sometimes leave bottled water unfinished.

I’m awash in privilege.  And today I’m grateful.


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