Creative Re-Use at the Long Beach Depot

I’m so excited about this… check it out:

What’s the DC version?  What are the potential uses for this model?

Beyond the physical, what about the spiritual, the relational?   What do we all have that we can share and use to create community?


2 responses to “Creative Re-Use at the Long Beach Depot

  1. Thank you Cary for mentioning “The Depot”. Yes, there’s actually a spiritual side to running this type of community shop. Many of the people that come into “The Depot” say it has changed their way of thinking and are so grateful to find a place to give their “stuff” to because the thrift stores don’t always accept the scraps and pieces of items “too good to throw away”. They often tell me that it is a “magic shop” to them and how it’s like a sanctuary for them whenever they are feeling out of sorts. Many pet owners also bring their pets in only because it is the only place that their animal doesn’t act up! They love to sort and rummage through the various bins of buttons, beads, corks and other random items. Thanks again for your comments. Wishing you all the best!

    • holyvernacular

      Well I’ll consult with you when I explore something not unrelated out here in DC some day… a place for women to be together in the loneliness and longing for community. Keep up the good work. I hope I make it out there sometime.

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