What Gives… 365


I’ve loved following this blog and project wherein a woman, Betty Londergan, gives away $100 a day.  You can even lobby for a favorite cause, and she might give to yours.

Check it out!


3 responses to “What Gives… 365

  1. It’s so true … and I should know because I’m doing it! Lisa Hernandez wrote me about her groovy store in Long Beach, and since it was all about recycling and artists and being conscious of what we’re doing on the planet, I was thrilled to send her $100 to help with the free art classes she offers kids. You never know what I’ll be giving to next!
    Thanks for the shout-out!

  2. Check out our website. We have a group for chronically and terminally ill kids. We want to make their days ‘happy’ so we encourage ‘happy mail.’ That is all we can afford since we are all volunteers ourselves. Mail does encourage and brighten the days of sick kids.
    Peg Janssen

  3. Check out http://www.hugsandhope.org.
    Our kids are needing “Happy mail” for encouragement and their families are usually financially drained from medical expenses. Many will be in the hospital at Christmas time and their siblings feel the strain on the family.
    Peg Janssen

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