Sabbath Delight

Having just returned from a weekend retreat focused on Sabbath (—Registration/Sabbath-Weekend), I’ve been thinking more about it.  The conference may be over but you can download an excellent MP3 from Dan Allender who spoke at the event.

I’m curious about others’ experience of Sabbath.

The premise of the weekend teaching is delight and the fact that God offers it to us each week, a taste of heaven just for us. We can put aside conflict, discord, angst, pain, reality even, seek and find shalom, a foretaste of heaven.

Yet we often run from delight.  Most of us have had a moment or moments when we stopped playing, stopped dreaming, made a vow (something like “I will never trust again” or “I refuse to dance any more”) and ended our interplay with delight.

We are invited back into the flirtation with delight, Allender teaches.  God offers us time apart, redemption of that cessation of play, encounters with Himself.

That’s a brief summary.  I can highly recommend his book, Sabbath (

And I can recommend that we all reflect on why delight freaks us out so badly, why a taste of heaven is more than we can bear on earth.

And get past that hurdle, accepting what’s offered us.

I want that.


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