Slate, Sabbath, Shulevitz, Lithwick and Boys

Loved this article on Sabbath from Slate: and this one too: (it’s a conversation between theology professor Mary Boys and Slate editor Dahlia Lithwick about a new book, The Sabbath World, by author and culture critic Judith Shulevitz, of Slate and New York Times renown.  I’ve often enjoyed Shulevitz’s thoughts on this and other subjects.

This line got my attention as it relates to Sabbath:  “…a wrestling match between obligation and disappointment and longing and boredom and, as a parent, the ever-present soccer question.”

I’m attempting to live a weekly Sabbath, a foretaste of heaven, a respite from the pain and reality of daily life, a bit of redemption in action.  And all those emotions well up –disappointment, longing, boredom and obligation.  I wonder…

  • Am I spending it well?
  • Does this (fill in the blank) really count as Sabbath?
  • Does wondering if things count as Sabbath negate a Sabbath mindset?
  • What do I do about that?
  • What if my husband and I have different ideas of Sabbath… does compromise distill Sabbath or enhance it?

Sabbath is, in my opinion, not to be mastered but touched.  I enjoy thinking about it.


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