“Creation Groaning” Link

My friend Elizabeth Turnage said just what I’d want to say about the Gulf oil spill.  So at the risk of being labeled lazy, I’m going to direct you right to her post. “Lazy” I won’t claim (on this front) but “grateful” to know thoughtful people, I will claim.

Elizabeth blogs, often on scriptural reflections, in conjunction with her wonderful Living Story ministry, which puts on events to help people engage their own stories in the context of the Bible.

Read the first line of her post here:

“Oh, Lord, redeem our failure to steward this glorious creation you have given us with care and foresight.  Forgive us for greed and short-sightedness that has led to creation catastrophe.”

And then check out her whole post and her whole ministry.


2 responses to ““Creation Groaning” Link

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