Is This the Most Loving Way to Do Life?

Wouldn’t it be interesting to live every day wondering, “Is this the most loving way to do life?”

Obviously that would encompass how we relate to God and it would include how we love our neighbors.  And that’s everything.

But what realms would it apply in given that it should apply in all realms?

  • What do I drive?
  • What do I eat? Where did it come from?
  • Where do I live? Who shares my space?  Who does not?
  • What do I waste? Why?
  • Who do I spend my time with?
  • What do I do when I am hurt?
  • How do I treat enemies?
  • What do I think about? read about? dream about?
  • What do I watch?
  • How much do I consume, and where does it come from?
  • Am I stepping on others?  What’s so important to climb up to?
  • Where do I shop and what do I buy?
  • What do I do all day?
  • Do I love myself well?
  • How do I use my influence?
  • Do I claim God or deny him?
  • Am I willing to be part of the answer to the things I pray about?

I hope it all starts with the questions for I don’t have beautiful answers to these questions in my own life.  Lord have mercy.


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