Center for Transforming Mission and Blue Notes Particularly

“The purpose of the blue note in jazz is to give voice to pain.  There are three blue notes: flatted 3rd, flatted 5th and flatted 7th.   Bluest of the blue notes is the flatted 5th.  Miles Davis perfected it.  It is the note that when heard on its own creates dissonance.  It resists resolve and in doing so it also awakens us to our own shattered hopes and dreams.  This is part of its charm.  It disorients and sometimes irritates, but when blended with the larger score, it gives voice to the longing for healing that is associated with pain.”

This quote drew me in when I received a forwarded newsletter from a friend, who thought the theme fit with my blog. Astute friend.  Thanks, Kristi.

Here is the whole post, on the site of the Center for Transforming Mission.  I like their work very much.  Here is a mission statement of sorts:

CTM recognizes the most powerful and renewable resource in high-risk communities resides within the communities themselves – the web of people, relationships and institutions that sustain the life of the community. The critical need is to recognize, network and train indigenous leaders to activate these resources in a sustainable way.

Unfortunately, the leaders who are closest to the needs are often overlooked and overwhelmed. They do not receive the encouragement or training they desperately need. As a result, high-risk communities are vulnerable to well-meaning but unsustainable solutions that are foreign and artificially imposed. Solutions that are not owned and led by the communities themselves suffer along with the people. They fail to experience transformation from the inside out.

Therefore, CTM is committed to offering affordable and accessible training that inspires and equips indigenous leaders to be agents of transformation in the context of chronic poverty and violence.

I’m planning to learn more about CTM.  It reminds me of how many great organizations there are and how few of them I know about.  Most could use more resources, more publicity, more energy poured in.  I want to learn more.  You too?

Start with the blue notes essay.  As I posted last time, “everything begins with hearing the cry.”


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