… And Mourning Jubilee

I found a lovely op-ed piece in the New York Times about a jubilee tide in Mobile Bay.  Here’s a snippet from author Ravi Howard:

“On a few nights each summer — no one knows precisely when — the waters of Mobile Bay push thousands of fish and crabs onto the shores around Daphne. Decaying leaves and sediment from the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta flow into the bay, lowering the water’s oxygen level. The fish stop swimming and float to the surface. Most of them end up on the beach, stunned but alive and ready to be harvested.”

Howard goes on to reflect on nature’s gift of free seafood: “The jubilee tide is communal: there’s more than enough for everyone. It’s what some French speakers on the Gulf might call a ‘lagniappe,’ something extra or unexpected, or in the case of the jubilee, pounds and pounds of something extra, free of charge, a reprieve from the cost of living.”

I should have given God credit for natural jubilee.  It’s not all up to us, is it?

Yet we all are grieving the fact that even nature’s laws and lagniappe are thwarted by our habits and addictions, by our greed and hubris.

Even as we live in the hope of the eventual new heavens and new earth.  Come Lord Jesus.


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