Excess and Deprivation Mentality

There are so many things I take for granted.  Things I own.  Things I have access to.

And I guess part of taking something for granted is that we know we can use it anytime, so it seems worth it to keep it around, even if there is a cost.  But the idea of paying for things (with real money or with storage space given over to it) that we may never use is — of course — another luxury.

Here are a few things that relate to that:

  • having a house bigger than we need so we can hold on to everything
  • keeping a car that we’ve outgrown so we’ll have it when we need to “haul something”
  • paying for all sorts of insurance so we’re covered no matter what (I’m not against all insurance but we really can develop an anti-trust mentality that means we must prepare for every contingency)
  • keeping extras of things in case the first three that we have happen to all break at once (as if we even needed one immersion blender!)

I got to thinking about all this because I am cutting out expenses that aren’t absolutely necessary (by a standard, still, of relative entitlement and affluence).  And as soon as I dropped a few things, I missed them.

I hadn’t used them or cared about them in months — until they were gone.  Cable TV… I NEVER watch television.  But now I’m feeling deprived because I couldn’t watch the French Open.  I’m not sure I’ve ever watched it.

And I dropped a fax line from my house, but now feel concerned that I can’t receive faxes.  I receive about two a year.  I can figure it out.

Ah, entitlement.  Why do I need to have extra things or spend extra money or have extra space “just in case?”  I’m going to take the risk and live life on the edge, not preparing for every contingency with every last, ridiculous expenditure.


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