Sacredspace and What I’d Ask God

I found a website today that apparently is extremely popular.  I’d not known of it before.  It’s called Sacred Space.  The idea of it is that you can pray at your computer, guided by a daily reading, scriptural reflection and a few questions.  I was cynical.  But I enjoyed today’s entry, and I liked the fading of one phrase or paragraph to the next, slowly morphing into the next thought, and the fact that I couldn’t hurry it.  I had to reflect.

On there was a question about what we would ask God if we met him in person today, or something like that.  What would you say?  The site suggested that one might thank God for always being there for us.  I’m more likely to ask God if He’s bugged with me.  That was my immediate reaction.

I don’t think He is.  And the fact that I immediately jump to that in my mind indicates that sacredspace is a good place for me to be.


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