Questions to Ask God

I ran across a website, Eternal Perspective Ministries, that has a great list: “Generous Giving: 40 Questions to Ask God.” I’m going to peruse it and reflect on the various questions, a few at a time, as a jubilee discipline.  Check out the work there of Randy Alcorn, who is a wise guide on this topic of how we use our God-given resources.

These are the questions I’m thinking about today:

“What am I holding onto that’s robbing me of present joy and future reward? What am I keeping that’s preventing me from having to depend on You? What am I clinging to that makes me feel like I don’t have to depend on You to provide, like I used to before I had so much? What do You want me to release that could restore me to a walk of faith?”

I wrote about this a couple of days ago, in a piece called Excess and Deprivation Mentality, as I was thinking about insurance and how we often use it as an excuse not to trust God, and other excesses we hold onto “just in case.”

Yet Alcorn’s question takes me a little deeper.  Does material abundance rob me of present joy?  Does my bank account balance make me feel safe (when it hasn’t just been depleted to pay college tuition)?  What do I depend on?

This question can surely go beyond the material to anything we grab at and cling to to insure (supposedly) that we are safe. It’s a good question.


2 responses to “Questions to Ask God

  1. I’ve been thinking about this theme for the past week as well. Last Sunday I heard a guy from Ride:Well (a group riding their bikes across the country to raise money for clean water in Africa speak in a church nearby. He posed the idea that the things that we feel are so important, the things we are spending out money on may in fact be robbing us of what is truly important. As things seem to get financially tighter every day I’ve been pondering that, and it makes me rather excited to see what things might be restored in my life when there is less for me to accumulate. I’m heading over to read your blog that you linked to.

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