Family Friendly

What do you consider the biggest threat to your family?  What do you live in fear of your children being exposed to?

From the conversation on Christian radio, which I enjoy from time to time, one would think that the worst thing that could happen to children is to hear “cuss words” (an antiquated term in the “anything goes” world, I’m sure).  “Family friendly radio” is defined, I think, as radio that is “safe for little ears.”

I heard author Lauren Winner speak one time, and she mentioned something that really stuck with me.  She said that a Christian radio station was having a contest where the 9th (or some other magical number) caller would get a huge ($10,000) shopping spree at the mall for their family.  My impression was that the thrust of the contest was that it’d be a blast to spend the money on whatever they wanted.

This was not meant to help out a struggling family with the purchase of a stove, school shoes and work clothes.  This was designed to just grab STUFF, glorious STUFF, excessive STUFF.

And Winner made the point that that wasn’t very “family friendly,” if we are trying to raise gospel-oriented children.  We’re setting them up with crazy expectations and a faulty worldview that promotes materialism as the highest good (or at least as a source of major happiness).

It got me thinking about the definition, from a faith standpoint, of what “family friendly” should (and should not) encompass.  What do you feel is dangerous for your family and why?

Is hearing “crap” the worst thing that can happen to them spiritually?


2 responses to “Family Friendly

  1. got2havefaith

    The worst thing for me is the damaging things my daughters peers can say. “Mean girls” and bullies are my biggest fears for my daughters. These types of behaviors crush their spirit and make them feel like they are worthless . Trying to protect them from hurtful words from their peers is an ongoing battle in our house. I remind them that they are strong, unique, beautiful and smart because that is how God made them. They are not what other people define them as. Those people cannot tell them what they are.

    • Isn’t it the hardest thing as a mother to hear about such bullying and not go throttle that other child? It brings out the Mama Bear instinct in me!

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