Pain Poured out in Music Videos; Join Me!

If you’re hankering to spend a chunk of time reflecting on some of the woes of the world, while crying through Youtube videos, I’ve got a great selection for you.  And I’m sure that sounds enticing and fun, right?

It’s not that I advocate tears for the sake of tears.  But I do advocate openness to the actual pain of the world.  And a willingness to join in to fighting some of it.

No we can’t take on every cause.  Nor should we.  But we can ask God to show us what aspect of the evils in the world He would have us work to be a part of eradicating in the place we inhabit of “already and not yet” in terms of the coming of the new heavens and new earth promised in Revelation 21 and 22.

Martina McBride sings about child abuse in “Concrete Angel.”

She sings about the gift that others are for us, even/especially others who are perhaps different or handicapped, and also about the challenges of single parenting in God’s Will.

Spousal abuse is the theme of McBride’s “A Broken Wing.”

How about Collin Raye singing “I Think about You” about violence against women.

And Casting Crowns’ “Does Anybody Hear Her?” is about hurting girls whom we judge without knowing them.

The Color Purple has a powerful song about sexual abuse, “Hell No!”  Here is a clip from the 20o5 Tony’s.  It’s poor quality but the show gave me a lot to think about.

Well… that’s enough tears for one afternoon.  But it does raise one of my common themes on this blog: the need to know pain before we can address pain.

A Christian worldview demands lament; but it doesn’t end with lament.  It ends with new heavens and new earth.

And we work towards that redemption every day that we breathe.


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