Slowing Down the Jubilee Writing

Ah jubilee… my companion project for two years.  I set out to do a jubilee year at 48 going on 49, and I’ve just rounded the corner on a second lap, ending at 50.  And it’s been fun.  In the way that conviction is fun….  Fun as in cleansing and challenging and interesting and transformative.

The most important thing I learned in these two years of reflecting on Biblical principles of how to let the land lie fallow, how to forgive debts, how to make restitution, how to return the land to its original owners (and many possible metaphorical manifestations of this in my middle-class American lifestyle)… the most important thing I learned is this:

When we rely on the Holy Spirit for change, we really do care about the things that God reveals to us in Scripture as His concerns: the poor, justice, love.  And when we are living our normal, selfish lives (yours may not be; mine is), we don’t care so much.

I learned this from day one in the project.  I’m still learning it after two years.

There really is a mind of Christ, a new creation… and these are ours if we ask.  But apart from God’s infusion of His power and spirit, we live in our old minds and as the old creations we are… and in that mindset, I’d just as soon not share, not forgive, not love, not lean into God and let some things be.

Yet I think I’m changed as a result of this project in mindfulness.  I know the difference between when I’m me, and when I’m touched by God’s spirit.  And it shows in behavior.

I don’t know if Dallas Willard said this, or someone else, but it’s true: “If you want to change your life, ask for the grace to change your behavior.”  We are what we do.  Regardless of what we intend.

So thanks for reading.  And I’ll be interspersing some thoughts on this topic into my “other” (main) blog: insofar as that one is about seeing God in the commonplace of life, in everything.  So just about anything fits over there.   And I think I’ve explored jubilee as much in writing as I should… it’s time to act, abide, act some more.

I’ll see you over at Holy Vernacular!


3 responses to “Slowing Down the Jubilee Writing

  1. Hello,
    After you commented on my blog today, I visited your blogs. I truly enjoyed them! As for your jubilee project–about a year ago I wrote an extensive paper for a graduate degree on the Jubilee and its relationship to Sabbath principles. That was for an Old Testament, but previously I took an amazing class on the Sabbath, taught by one of my heroes–Dan Allender–who also wrote a book entitled, simply, Sabbath. There are few topics other than Sabbath and Jubilee that excite me and give me hope for the present and the future.

    So thanks for engaging in your own Jubilee! I hope you receive many blessings in the process!

    • Well, I actually found your blog through a “google alert” that I have for MHGS, as I have a lot of friends there and even spend a little time and energy promoting their conferences out east. I’ve been to the Sabbath conference twice. It was so great! So are you finished at MHGS?

      • Actually, by the time I finished the counseling degree (circumstances demanded that I take 6 years to do it) I had so many extra credits that I almost have enough to get a M.A. in Christian Studies. It is my hope to finish that this year, though once again circumstances may dictate otherwise. It remains to be seen how that all works out. For now, I am open to whatever way the Lord leads me. Interesting that you have been to two Sabbath conferences…that means you have met some of my friends and colleagues!

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