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SPACIOUS has launched

JUBILEE YEAR readers, I’m excited to share a new site with you.  I’ll be blogging there from now on.

And the site is the place to go to explore and imagine a bigger life, with more recess and fun, more adventure, and relationships of depth where you are known for who you are and celebrated.  It’s even a forum for asking life’s “What if?” questions.

We plan events; we consult on making your events and workplace more spacious; we write and speak.

SPACIOUS emerged out of a blogpost written on this site a year and a half ago. Read that story in Joey Katona’s biography on our site.

Check us out at: http://spacious.me, and send your friends too!


Seeds of Peace Yield Much More

Think about the resources you have as they relate to this quote:

“I’m not saying that $20,000 over four years isn’t a lot of money – it is – but my life is going to be the same without that money, and her life is going to be very different with that money,” he said. “So why not give her a chance?”

What is the amount of money that you (or I) have that wouldn’t hurt us to part with but that would significantly help someone else?  And why don’t we part with it?

I came across a story that I love.  A young man from Los Angeles from a liberal Jewish home met a Palestinian Arab friend at a summer camp for kids in Maine.  Seeds of Peace runs this camp and is an organization devoted to “youth from clashing cultures coming together in a mediated effort to find common ground.”

The two were roommates and the American boy, Joey Katona, decided to fundraise so that he could insure that his Palestinian friend, Omar Dreidi, would have the same advantage he had of having a college education.

Read the story (which has been everywhere these last four years since the young men started college) and think about what you can do to spread what you have.   I’m convicted by this story.